What does Hashimoto’s feel like to me?

If you did not already know this about me, I have Hashimoto’s also known as an autoimmune thyroid disease. Hashimoto’s is an actual disease while hypothyroidism is a condition. Hashimoto’s is a disease in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck below your Adam’s apple. This is irreversible, so in short means that meds will be required for the rest of my life. I am just an average person, I am in no way affiliated with an health field and I am not a Dr. What I know I have researched through reading or been told by my Dr. That being said, when I found out I had Hashimoto’s (which I will call Hashi’s for short) during the Summer of 2015, I really did not think it was a big deal. I thought (and was told by several friends) that I was “lucky” because it is treatable with medication. What I did not know is how quickly my life as I knew it would be taken from me. I don’t think many understand that even with medication I barely function. The human body is very complex, and it is very difficult to find the exact right doctor that will even listen to you without assuming you are a Hypochondriac (a person who is abnormally anxious about their health.) or suffers from depression or blames EVERY symptom you may have on being overweight.

At 30, I feel OLD… But I am NOT old. I am tired of having digestive issues, tired of feeling run down with ABSOLUTELY no energy, tired of being overweight, tired of being depressed with no reason, tired of being moody and irritable (I am sure friends and family are too), I am tired of forgetting everything and having brain fog so bad but there is nothing I can do to control it, I am tired of the increase in female problems, I am tired of watching my hair rinse down the drain in clumps, I am tired of my joints hurting so much I can barely walk up the stairs, I am tired of my weight gain spiraling out of control right before my very eyes, mainly I am EXHAUSTED of feeling like I have NO control over my own mind and body. And these are just SOME of the things that I experience on a daily basis.

Here is the good news –I swallowed my tears and fears and accepted the fact it was time to take back MY life. God used many flags and people in my life to point me into the right direction of change. The FIRST thing that I found out is that I need to drastically change my diet. I am not just talking about any fad diet, REAL nutrition and finding a real lifestyle consisting of foods that do not MAKE me sick. Following the advice of a dear friend. I ran across information about Autoimmune Protocol or AIP . After a couple weeks of thinking about this and praying to God to speak with me, he sure did- loud and clear. I am on day 2 of starting AIP and I cannot tell you exactly how it is helping just yet but that will be a big part of my journey!

In conversations lately I am getting asked A LOT of questions. What can I eat? Why can’t you eat that? Why not ____ food, that is a healthy food? So I thought I would start with what I am CHOOSING to eat and what not to eat and then if you have more questions, feel free to read the links about more in depth actual science related to what these food can potentially do and cause to folk like me with autoimmune disorders.


What I should not eat if at all possible:

  •     All Grains, whole, refined, or processed (including corn)
  •    Industrial seed oils (soy, peanut, canola, vegetable, etc.)
  •    Legumes, especially soy and peanut
  •    Fresh legumes (green peas and green beans)
  •    Eggs
  •    Ghee or Butter
  •    Seed-based spices (black pepper, mustard, as well as many others)
  •    Nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes, eggplants, and many spices derived from such like cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes )
  •    Seeds and nuts
  •    Dairy

What I should eat:

  •     Best quality meats possible (grass-fed, pastured if possible) and animal products (muscle meats, organs, bones/tendons for broths, fats for cooking, etc.), preferentially fatty and varied (beef, poultry, pork, game, seafood)
  •    Starchy vegetables/fruits (like plantains and root vegetables)
  •    Most other vegetables, especially leafy greens
  •    Fruits, preferentially berries
  •    Non-animal fats like coconut, avocado, and olive


Foods list adapted from mainly reading Paleo Mom and Rachael Bryant’s (founder of Meatified) book I purchased Nourish

Also know that after eliminating these and being able to see how foods could be affecting me, eventually, I can start slowly reintroducing foods back in one at a time to see if how my body handles them. So some of these foods might not be forever, but I am excited to feel better either way! So now that we understand what I can eat and why (if you read into it more) now I hope that you understand WHY I am doing this. Your support in this endeavor means to much to me. Please feel free to ask me questions, and please do not be offended if I join you for a meal and I ask way too many questions about what’s being served, and what is in the food! Until next time! Thanks for sharing this journey with me! I will try to update regularly what recipes I am loving or trying, how I am feeling, videos, and pictures!


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