30 days AIP

Well, I meant to write in here more often, but life got pretty crazy for a while so I thought I would go ahead and get back in here for a follow up! Tomorrow will mark 30 days of eating AIP.  I am not going to lie and say I have been perfect but man have I done well! Over the last 30 days, I did make a few mistakes in eating ( I still remained gluten free)  and even when trying to eat AIP when eating out it can be hard and some lessons have been learned in that area too. I have really been on quite an adventure over the last 30 days. I am really breaking ground on my relationship with food. I am learning that food is healing and how important preparation and food diversity really is to my body.  Most importantly, I am learning SO much about my body! Most days, it is overwhelming as I am constantly reading and searching out a new supplement, a new study, so-and-so said this helps with____ and off I go to google! I cannot even remember half of what I have read however, little by little I am learning pieces of the puzzle to MY health. This part is important.  People I encounter at the grocery stores, and some people I know  do not seem to understand this journey is for ME. This is for MY health. This is NOT just some “fad” diet, no I am not just eating gluten free. I am in the search of the perfect diet for ME and MY body.  My body has been through a lot; it has been beaten down and tore up. I have on a journey to healing and I know that this journey is “weird” to some but I am so excited to reach a point that I know that if I eat something it will not cause me physical harm. So the only way i can possible figure that out upon eliminations and countless re-introductions.  So stick with me, cheer me on , support me, because I will get there.

On another note, I also decided that traditional medicine doctors have failed me now for many years so I made the decision to go see a Functional Medicine Dr. Brian Lum. I will just take a brief pause right here because many people keep asking me “What is that?” “what do they do different?”  Okay so here is the deal, when we are sick, we go to the doctor in hopes that they will find out what’s wrong with us and fix it right? Well that is exactly what they do.  I know, I know, I have already probably ticked some people off but guess what? I have been sick for YEARS and no one has delved INTO the problems. Figured out WHAT was making me sick and treat me for what is really going on. Example, by the grace of God, A wonderful nurse practitioner found my Autoimmune Hashimoto’s  however, several doctors I have seen since can still not manage my numbers or my symptoms. Here’s a prescription, come back in a few weeks we will draw some more blood from you.Then repeat.  If you would like to read more not in my workings, go check out his site Here  and read some more for yourself. Or free free to google. I am not going to open a can of worms because medicine is great, and traditional medicine is wonderful for emergencies and routine care etc. but there are so many ways to  learn to heal yourself beyond just take this medicine or treatment.

Okay moving on… so after my consultation with Dr. Lum I was an emotional mess ( I promised I wouldn’t cry in the appt. so I waited till after lol) I know this won’t make sense to many of you but I had just spent 2 1/2 hours talking about myself, how much I have been sick, going over labs I have had and realizing I never even understood the numbers. More importantly, I have a REAL conversation with a REAL doctor that understood me, that LISTENED to me, asked me questions, knew things about me and things that happened to me without me telling him. I was super skeptical but amazed when he would ask me about side effects, or symptoms, or illnesses I have had that he knew just from listening to what I had been through.  He explained all my lab numbers to me (crazy enough no one else had) and helped me to understand what they meant. this was both refreshing and terrifying.  I left that appointment with a PLAN and a promise that he was going to help me–and I believe him.I really believe God places this man in my path at just the right time in my life and I am so thankful for that.   So I am already on a full NATURAL supplement regimen and have additional lab work coming up soon to dig deeper into what is going on inside my body.  I started m,y regimen on Saturday 2/13/15 so I am really excited to track my progress and see these changes!

Since I got off track a bit. back to 30 days being AIP. I am not going to lie and say I’m healed and feel so amazing and all my problems have gone away, because they have not BUT I can tell you I can FEEL the difference.  I have some good days and bad, some days where part of it is good, etc. But I know that one day I ate some things inadvertently that I shouldn’t have (eating out) and I was so inflamed and in so much pain for several days. Just shows me what those foods were doing to me that I was eating on a DAILY basis, sometimes even multiple times a day! How could my body ever have kept up with that? It couldn’t. SO, in a nutshell, I am more determined than ever to finally help myself (with the help of , and help my body so that it can functions the way that God created it to function.